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Here is a listing of groups and classes in the area and their contact information.

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Thistle Dew Grove, ADF has been serving the needs of Louisville, KY area Druids since Oct 2000. They meet regularly for chats, classes, rituals and business meetings. For more information click on the ADF Graphic to check out Thistle Dew's Website.

Thistle Dew ADF

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Sylvan Circle Sanctuary
Reverands Peter Owlett & Lyrica MoonDawn
An Eclectic Pagan Group that holds regular mettings and get-gethers. Based in Louisville, KY. Call or them at (502) 637-4499 or click on link to email them for more information.

Email Sylvan Circle

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Heartland Pagan Alliance - Promoting Pagan Unity within the Community A North Central Kentucky community based Pagan Organization.

They are reliable public source for factual information for people who identify themselves as Pagans. They sponsor educational and social activities directed toward improving communications and fellowship with Pagans of various paths, as well as their friends, families and allies. As well as take part in charitable works, public assistance campaigns, and other civic activities, and more.

If you have any questions about this organization or would like information on membership please contact Rena at or 270-352-1160 or Linda at 502-942-6250. Or Click on links to email either person. Or stop into Nature's Realm at 819 N. Wilson Rd. Radcliff, KY 40160 or call them at (270) 352-1160.

Email Rena

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The Crows Nest is a small individually run school and tarot consultant in Louisville, KY. Classes are offered in Divination and Meditations. Contact them at (502) 245-8161 or click on link to email.

Crows Nest Email


Southern FireOak Coven is a small coven in Grey's Knob KY, who's focus is personal enlightenment through dedicated worship of the God and Goddess. There personal motto is "Dedication is the pathway to unlocking the gifts of the Divine." They do offer instruction to solitary practitioners, host rituals for education of those who show a properly motivated desire to get started walking the Wiccan path. And design/publish Pagan Educational material. Contact them via email or call them at (606) 573-6474 for more information.

Email Southern FireOak Coven

Southern FireOak Coven Webpage


Kentucky Thelemites is a Hermetic Group based in Lexington, KY that followes the teaching of Aleister Crowley. For more information contact Elysse Arrington via email or check out their webpage.

Email KY Thelemites

Kentucky Thelemites Webpage


The Sacred Spiral is an eccletic Wiccan/Pagan group based in London, KY. They hold Pagan Days every three months and Potluck every other month. For more information on this group or any of its events please contat Shelli Grey via email or check out their website.

Email Shelli Grey

Sacred Spiral Website


Children of the Gothic Moon Coven is an eccletic Gothic Coven based in Owenton, KY that follows a slightly different path than most. Where most groups follow the cycle of the full moon to full moon, Children of the Gothic Moon follows from the new moon to new moon. They are not a left hand path, they just are not you usual group. They welcome everyone of all paths and focus mainly on learning and comparing their knowledge and experiances, and as a means of celebrating the Sabbats. For more information on this group contact Rev. Sonya via email or call her at (502) 484-5019, or snail mail her at Rev. Sonya P.O. Box 82 Owenton, KY 40359 or check out their website.

Email Rev. Sonya

Children of the Gothic Moon Website


First Unitarian Church of Louisville, KY is not a coven and have no wish to become one. They are a group who meets each Sabbat to honor the god/dess and nature, celebrate the turn of the wheel, and enjoy each other's company. Many of the "members" of CUUPs are affiliated with other groups in the Louisville area, and networking is one of the purposes of the potluck dinner. For more information contack Freyday via email or check out their website.

Email Freyday

Louisville CUPPS Website

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Inner Visions
New Age Shop in Bardstown, KY that also hold classes in various topics from Spanish, Wicca 101, Herbs, Aromatherapy Etc. All classes require pre-paid registration. Please Contact Barbra Ball at (502) 350-3800 or just stop by Inner Visions at 720 N. 3rd St. in Bardstown, or click on link to email.

Email Inner Visions


Personal Pathways is an Occult Shop in Lexington, KY and offers classes in Wicca 101, Belly Dancing and other topics of intrest. For more information contact Personal Pathways at (859) 276-2816 or contact them via email or check out their website.

Email Personal Pathways

Personal Pathways Website


Kesmit is a New Age Metaphysical store in Berea, KY and offers various classes and workshops. Contact them at (859) 985-5477 for stop in or stop by their store at 323 Chestnut St. Berea, KY 40403 for more details or click on link to email them for more information.

Email Kismit


Gardians of the Old Ways Coven, is a Celtic Wiccan/Druid group based in Providence, KY. For more information contact Kevin Abbott via email or call him at (270) 667-5679.

Email Kevin Abbott


Circle of the Celticmoon is a small Gardnerial coven based in Middlesboro, KY. The are a generally closed coven but do accept new members from time to time. They do some teaching and are always willing to answer questions. For more information contact Sandy via email or call them at (606) 248-8950.

Email Sandy


Sisters of the Nightstar is an informal organized Pagan Woments group based in Louisville, KY. This is not a Dianic group, but they do focus primarily on Women and issues that pertain to them. Some of the topics/interests members have are: the joy of being a woman, the spiritual art of Mothering, book discussions, having circle together, friendship without high school caddy behaviour, breastfeeding, living our convictions--daily, supporting women and their life choices, daily celebrations of the Great Mother, and more. They also have workshops, and help with women-owned (and stay home mom) businesses, learning/teaching discussions, and support groups. For more information on this group contact Wild Child Rose via email for join their email group on Yahoo Groups.

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Sisters of the Nightstar Email Group


Degarrin (pronouned: dee-gair-inn with a soft g) was conceived as a Wiccan-based Coven, committed to providing opporutnities for those interested in exploring the Shadow Tradition of the Wiccan Faith and fulfilling the goals of communal worship. The Coven was founded as a safe, interactive, environment for learning, development, and personal growth. They encourage the acquisition of skills, and provide education that enriches the lives of ites members and increases the contributions they may to others in society and the community. For more information contact Dade Alexander or Middaewyn Na'Toth via email or call them at (859) 255-3265, or you can snail mail them at P. O. Box 106 , Lexington, KY 40588, or just visit their website.

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Degarrin Website

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